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The best example I have comes from working with a student who was “off and on” with his girl-getting game, who found that no matter what he did, he still found himself choking at the very thought of going out and approaching women. I told him to stop using the word “approaching,” like you’re going to go out and approach someone.

Instead, I told him to use the word “Sarging.” “Approaching” has a different emotional connotation than the word “Sarging.” Therefore, Sarging frees you to put a different kind of connotation and a different set of feelings to it.

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Basically, it’s where an aspiring or “good” PUA (pick-up artist) goes out on the town prowling for women. Since then, I’ve learned that healthy, intelligent women are not attracted to sargey-PUAs and that viewing anything as a “game” severely ones social skills.

Step one: learn how to spot an ‘opener.’ Former pick up artist James Wilson*, 33, who goes by the pick up alias Purple told uk how a PUA’s techniques are painstakingly planned and rehearsed beforehand.“You go in with an opener using what we call ‘time restraint’,” he told us.“Usually I’ll say: ‘Look, really quickly – because my friends are waiting for me and I’ve got to go in a minute – do you think rudeness stems from misery?

’“Using the time restraint and telling them that your friends are nearby lets the girls know that you’re not a weirdo with no mates,” he added.“And by asking their opinions you can get the conversation going from there.”Secondly, watch out for groups of strangely dressed men working the room.

In other words – NO SARGING, focus on growing ones lifestyle and community.

Go do the things you like to do and meet the other people there doing it with you (simple, the way I like it).

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