Scientific dating of ramayana

Both the words denote history that has occurred at different times.

If the intention of the writer was to write a poem or a work of fiction, he would have stated it to be a “Mahakavya” (epic) or “Katha” (story) which was a tradition at that time.

If Mahabharata is not real then who wrote Geeta and what was the purpose?

We have tried to answer some of the questions by first analyzing what are the available evidence from which it can be inferred that Mahabharata is real.

What is the need for the author of the Mahabharata borrow the same ideas and characters as those of the author of Ramayana?

For instance, Hastinapur is in UP with multiple evidence of Mahabharata in Hastinapur. Gandhara Kingdom is located in today’s Afghanistan. Parama Kamboja Kingdom is located in today’s Tajikistan.

They, however, do not answer the question as to why does it have such a profound impact on Hindu Society. Other religions like Sikhism, Jainism and Buddhism also have various associations with Mahabharata and is an integral part of these religions and culture.

In a nutshell, anything that has some origin in India also has some association with Mahabharata.

Copper utensils, iron, seals, gold & silver ornaments, terracotta discs and painted grey ware pottery have all been found in these sites.

Scientific dating of these artifacts corresponds to the non-Aryan-invasion model of Indian antiquity.

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