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I felt really sorry for Cathy and her horrible relationship with her mother (whom I feel sorry for as well), and the bad Jewel who I can't stand, who stole her diary/artbook and clothes! Emma is so materialistic, I knew that from the first book but sometimes she seems to me without feelings.The end was so sad and shocking, I felt sorry for Cathy; to love and idolize someone for so long and have all those feelings shattered in minutes is so harsh! It never once got boring, it was fast pace, and it felt like I was watching a movie. It never once got boring, it was fast pace, and it felt like I was watching a movie.The ending will make you want to read the next one ASAP. I can definitely see anyone making this into a movie.The book also is very unique because they give you items inside the book which are evidence and your able to phone the characters, check their voice mail, e-mail them, go to websites the characters visit, see pictures, birth certificates, Chinese coins, ect; It's just wonderful book that will have you on feet the whole time. Also every page has doodles in it which makes it more fun and unique to read.Suffice it to say that dating an immortal is far from easy!

Cathy has finally settled her curiosity about Victor—her off and on boyfriend—and his mysterious past.The reality star finally revealed her mystery boyfriend of over a year on We TV’s reality show, “Braxton Family Values.” Her longtime bae is actually a friend of the family – music producer, Sean Hall.He is also the cousin of producer Chirstopher “Tricky” Stewart.It was Towanda’s little sister Tamar Braxton who figured it out. I promise.”Now the couple are public and sharing photos of them together via social media. During a conversation with Sean, Tamar tricked him with a question and he ended up telling on himself.

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After having brief stints with various bands, he got his first slice of success with the Jeff Beck Group and eventually rose to prominence with the band, Faces, introducing the blues-rock genre.

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