Sedating a dog for grooming

Apply for Care Credit , a credit line specifically for medical needs. I asked her if she ever asked the groomer why she did that, and she told me that the groomer said, better safe than sorry.

She specializes in canine topics, previously working for the American Animal Hospital Association and receiving certification from the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers.

Please consider pet insurance or set aside a small amount of money every month for future veterinary expenses.

Then as he progresses on those, you can have a friend come over and mimic to be a groomer and place him on a table and do the whole process with the brush and treats. For best results, include clear photos of the dog standing from the front and from the side.

Dealing with a fidgety dog on a slippery surface is like trying to handle a wobbly blob of gelatin.

To help Rover stand still and steady, savvy groomers invest in special nonslip padding for strategically appropriate surfaces such as on top of grooming tables and around bathing areas.

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Another advantage of nonslip surfaces is that they help prevent fatigue which makes for a much more collaborative pooch.

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