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Securities Lending Risk: Securities lending involves the risk that the borrower may fail to return the securities in a timely manner or at all.As a result, the DFA Real Estate Securities Portfolio may lose money and there may be a delay in recovering the loaned securities.The net expense ratio reflects the total annual fund operating expenses of the Portfolio after taking into account any such fee waiver and/or expense assumption arrangements.Please read the Portfolio's prospectus for details and more information.The performance of DFA Real Estate Securities Portfolio may be materially different from the broad equity market.Derivatives Risk: Derivatives are instruments, such as futures contracts, whose value is derived from that of other assets, rates or indices.The use of derivatives for non-hedging purposes may be considered to carry more risk than other types of investments.When the DFA Real Estate Securities Portfolio uses derivatives, the Portfolio will be directly exposed to the risks of those derivatives.

Consider the investment objectives, risks, and charges and expenses of the Dimensional funds carefully before investing.Cyber Security Risk: The DFA Real Estate Securities Portfolio’s and its service providers’ use of internet, technology and information systems may expose the Portfolio to potential risks linked to cyber security breaches of those technological or information systems.Cyber security breaches, amongst other things, could allow an unauthorized party to gain access to proprietary information, customer data, or fund assets, or cause the Portfolio and/or its service providers to suffer data corruption or lose operational functionality.Please note that a Portfolio that invests in other Portfolios typically does not hold securities directly.As such, "Top Holdings" information for such a Portfolio represents "Top Holdings" information of underlying Portfolios. Equity Market Risk: Even a long-term investment approach cannot guarantee a profit.

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