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The wife found out, went to a lawyer to get rid of the husband, she wrote to this dirty woman to ask her to stop creating debt in her name with her husband, (as he was cash poor, lived on credit) instead she kept it up.

Funny thing is, my friends husband decided this “other” woman wasn’t what he wanted to keep, she was just making herself convenient for him, so he dumped her!!!

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She’s found my husband, her ex highschool boyfriend, after 36 years.

She is not a one man woman; she always has a replacement waiting, just in case. So women of Jal and the surrounding area be on the look out and dont be fooled by this one; she will hide, lie, or do anything to get a man and never expect her to tell you the truth because her loyalty is to herself and finding someone to care for her and her children. This slore is always ready like a girl scout – expect her to be carrying condoms wherever she goes or if you want to go raw you might need to throw a couple of dollars.

Once her significant others learn who she really is and what she really represents; they leave her. This slore would not care if your man is married or in a relationship. Everybody is welcome to suck, finger and insert their object in her. Thank you for your service Amy Foster 👅 Travis Law is not a man but a self centered, narcissistic, lying cheating manipulator. She’ll lie, cheat,steal,suck and fuk anyone male or female to get what she wants mainly an eye on your creditcards and check book cuz that’s why she was on vacation at the expense of the taxpayers Apparently this woman thinks that she is God’s gift to men and it’s perfectly acceptable to sleep with people’s husband’s. This is the dirtiest girl she was sleeping with the father of my kids knowing we are together and had given him and drd I had confronted her about the texting and meeting up with and the nudes she had sent him and she had the nerves to ask me and who are you and I told her I’m the mother of his kids and we have a family and asked me why and I said seriously leave my family alone and she told me she would not stop until she has what is mine which is the family we had built and think he was going to leave me for her but no that did not happen she continue to send him nudes and saying that they were still meeting up and she tried every she could to ruin it so watch out for this dirty sloot homewrecker This man Travis Law told me that he was not happy in his marriage and leaving his wife.

He is married but goes around acting and pretending to be single. This man is the absolute worst person in the world. When they lie to you it’s easy to believe when they are good at it. He is a sorry excuse for a man and no one should fall for this guy or believe anything he has to say. Lorie thought she would get my husband to not only leave me but also his children.She works at Mcalisters im Hobbs if any guys want to holler at her, she’s pretty damn easy! She has changed her name on social media but she is the same scandalous person.She has no regard for anybody or anything but her own agenda and she doesnt care who she has to hurt in the process.Original Owner has kept this adorable home in impeccable condition!90% of all furnishings including all appliances, knickknacks, items in the garage, BBQ Grill, freezer in garage and so much more will stay with the home!! Enjoy the shady covered patio, beautiful rose gardens and fruit trees.

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  1. At first, she was wary of posting anything with too much “ick factor” — giant blackheads, say, or explosive cysts — for fear that she would upset the gentle people of the internet.