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The next day, March 16, Wheeler again took plaintiff to see Meador, whom plaintiff had seen previously for depression.Meador observed that plaintiff had suicidal thoughts, but “no plan or intent * * * to carry that out.” Plaintiff disclosed the long history of sexual abuse by her father, and Meador felt that Shin's upcoming business trip to the United States had exacerbated plaintiff's depression.Afterward, she was often tearful and would comment on how much she missed her mother.After plaintiff talked to her father, Shin, however, she became upset, told Wheeler that she hated him, and withdrew. This case arises out of plaintiff's attendance at and eventual expulsion from defendant Sunriver Preparatory School (Sunriver Prep) when she was 17 years old. A small number of those, including plaintiff, came from abroad as part of the school's international program.We affirm as to the first two assignments of error; the parties agree that this disposition eliminates the need to address Sunriver Prep's third assignment. [Sunriver Prep] also reserves the right to dismiss any student whose parents' influence does not serve the best interests of [Sunriver Prep].”In the middle of her junior year, with the approval of Patricia King, the head of the school, plaintiff and a German student moved into the home of Kim Wheeler, a part-time physics teacher at the school.He gave Wheeler his telephone and pager numbers so that she could reach him any time, day or night.Wheeler informed King of her conversation with Fredrickson.

In 1996, as a high school sophomore, plaintiff enrolled at Sunriver Prep, a private boarding school that enrolls about 140 students.

Wheeler sought insight from plaintiff's best friend, Jessica, about the behavior, and Jessica reported that there was “something going on” but would not be more specific.

Concerned, Wheeler engaged plaintiff in an evening of conversation, and plaintiff eventually disclosed that Shin had repeatedly beaten her, her brother, and her mother and had sexually abused plaintiff continually, beginning when she was four years old.

King noted that plaintiff, who owned her own car, had been excepted from one rule against homestay students driving, but otherwise Wheeler understood that these were guidelines that the school expected would be followed.

Wheeler, plaintiff, and her father later signed the homestay agreement.

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Personnel there referred her to the KIDS Center, a division of the Deschutes County Mental Health Department that provides counseling and treatment in cases of child abuse and neglect.

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