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"The shield is described as sable ( sa.) or black, and it is the field, or ground, on which the armorial bearings are grouped.

Given under our Great Seal of our said Province of ..1/arv- laiid, this Eleventh Day of December, Anno Domini Seventeen hundred and fifty-nine.

l Vilian Heron, son of Jordan Heron, who held a barony in the county, by the service of one knight's fee, as his ancestors had done from the Conquest, was, in the 32nd of Henry HI., 1248, constituted Governor of Bajnboroiigh Castle, and of tho=c of Pickering an-:' S^carborough on Yorkshire, in which appointments he was succeed- ed, in the 37th of the same reign, by John de Lexhigton.

mu know, is the fur lining, or trimming, of royal robes, and of a judge's robe, in the higher courts of Great Britain.

the Feast of the Annunciation of the Blessed A'irgia Marv and St.

And as the faniilv is a human family, its HEARNE ili STOll Y.

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