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To add more directed friction to woman-on top, try pulling out a few times so they're completely outside of you and slide your lubed up vulva over the underside of their penis.Experiment with long up-and-down strokes over their shaft, short side-to-side motions, or rub the head of their penis around your clitoris to see what's gonna do it for you.They'll last longer and you will get more intense stimulation exactly where you want it. Candice Smith, a sex expert and cofounder of The Kink Kit, says to move your body like you're dancing–aka swiveling those hips a lot!, "You have more control over the speed, angle, and intensity, so it makes it easier to keep it at a rhythm that’s really doing it for you.“You can bend over, give them a kiss, and rub your chest against them or sit up and let them have a good look at your gorgeous self, maybe play with your boobs..reach behind you to squeeze or spank your bottom.Really, the possibilities are endless.” Get on your knees in front of the couch and drape your torso over the cushions in a sort of modified doggie where you're kinda humping the couch as well.

But if you want to figure out your body and what absolutely gives you an orgasm every time, starting smaller can yield big results."Trying to accomplish complicated acrobatics distracts you from the sex itself, putting your focus on how you can contort yourself, rather than on just experiencing the sensations," explains sex educator Dorian Solot, coauthor of "When you want to climax, the simplest positions are often also the best positions." To help you get there, here are 18 sex positions recommended by experts to make sure your orgasm is the main event.

You've probably tried an all-fours pose before, and while doggie-style is inarguably hotter than hot, in order to make it extra orgasmic, you need to modify it a bit.

"Lie on your stomach, lifting your butt slightly so they can enter you," suggests Solot.

“The key here is to press your vulva against a throw pillow that, in turn, is pressed against a high-powered vibe against the couch.

And I mean turn that Hitachi Magic Wand all the way up,” recommends/commands Trisha Borowicz, orgasm equality blogger and director of Science Sex and the Ladies.

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This allows their top leg to be angled so it's pressed against your vulva while they're inside you,” says Borowicz.

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