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We pride ourselves on giving you the best user experience possible, which means keeping our server online and fast, and keeping plenty of people available at all times for you to have fun chatting with!

Here you should find plenty of new and fun personalities to meet and greet, and hopefully turn some of those meetings into lasting friendships.

It’s a script for websites that turns any modern web browser into a personalized chat server for instant messaging, video chat and more.

With Chatroulette, you can customize and save your chat window layout, background, and font colors.

Whether you are running the Windows, Mac or Linux operating system, Chatroulette is truly multiplatform.But even if you don't, you can at least say you tried!Don't be a quitter before you've even tried, that's just lame and totally not cool.The open-ended design of Chatroulette’s layout can fit any resolution or application.It can run on any language, making its extensibility and outreach great.

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  1. The site has a free version that allows limited access to profiles, but for full access and the ability to communicate with matches then a paid membership is essential.

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