Should women pursue men for dating

My mother married in the 1950s, and my grandmother didn’t like that my mother worked and paid the bills while my father attended dental school.

After all, she has sparked my interest for a reason. I’ve learned to be genuine and respectful in my approach.

I wasn’t fully clear on what she meant, until my second date with Larry. Our first date was normal, uneventful — a welcome change from some of the horrible dates I had experienced. What he said to me was politically incorrect, and he knew it.

As we left the restaurant, he asked for a second date. Rather than meeting somewhere neutral as we did on our first date — the norm in this noncommittal, Tinder era — he insisted on driving 30 minutes to pick me up. I was perfectly capable of getting there on my own, and I knew I risked my feminist friends berating me for accepting his chivalry. “Woman are just as good or better drivers than men,” I would say. No wonder he went radio silent whenever I asked to drive.

Some were married early in life and some were married later on in life.

Every relationship has a different story of how they met and came together. I have a lot of married friends and all of their stories are different.

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