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The site is important, and it’s all to do with the singles you’re dating who you meet on there. Unfortunately, most of us don’t walk around with signs declaring our romantic dating intentions.

There’s so many singles out there, but we all largely fit into three camps: (1) Looking for that special, long-term relationship. And of course, dating is a matter of the heart, so things can, and often do, change with the wind.

If they’re less forthright, they’ll start talking about places you should visit together, and they include you when discussing big life events.

Occasionally they have notifications on, sometimes they don’t.

Serious Dating: You’re free to keep swiping through that photo gallery through endless dog memes, chin selfies and pics of their parent’s holiday in Tenerife.

There are no hard and fast rules to abide by when it comes to online messaging, but if you’re constantly waiting days for a new message or their messaging patterns are erratic, it could be a sign: Casually Dating: Your date’s messages are hot-and-cold.

One day they’ll answer your messages promptly and be open to conversation.

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With notifications buzzing for everything from your electricity bill to the latest cheap flights to New York, it’s become increasingly likely that a dating related notification might pop up on your dates phone, if they’re in contact with a number of dates or potential dates.

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