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While nervous movements can give away a liar, a lack of movement can be a giveaway, too.

According to body language expert Patti Wood, experienced liars will work to control their movements and keep any tells in check.

“When someone is repeating the question you just asked them, this is a sign that they are lying,” explains Kulaga.

“It is buying them a valuable few extra seconds to think of a response to you.” “If someone is significantly downplaying certain situations that really are a big deal, that is a sign that more was going on than they are alluding to,” according to Kulaga.

Then notice their pattern break when they lie.” According to Coburn, in general, we look to the left as we try to recall something (i.e.

telling the truth) and look to the right when we are creating something (i.e. When a person’s nonverbal behavior does not match what they’re saying, you’re probably dealing with a liar.

Wood gives an example of a customer service employee slapping on a fake smile or saying, “Yes, we can do that for you,” while also shaking their head. That means liars will often try to stall in order to come up with their answers.

And an easy way to stall is by repeating what you’ve asked them.

It is easier for friends and intimates to lie successfully because they appear less withdrawn and friendlier.” Calum Coburn, a global negotiations expert and coach for, says that if you suspect someone’s being dishonest, “watch their eyes when they’re making regular conversation and telling the truth.Rather than deny or rationalize, consider this to be one of the most important reasons for concern.” “If in answering a question, the person talks too much, that is a sign that something is wrong,” says Bruce Hurwitz, a recruiter and career counselor who uses his lie-detecting skills during job interviews. While it might seem like the person giving the exact same answer to the same question is telling the truth, Hurwitz sees this as more likely an indicator that their answers have been rehearsed. “In fact, one lie often leads to another and another to cover for the previous lie.And for more lies you’ve probably heard, check out the 40 Lies Kids Say That Parents Fall For Every Time. “When interviewing, I ask candidates/clients why they left their previous jobs near the start of the interview,” he says. If they repeat the answer verbatim, I know they lied. In that regard, it is like a signature—no two are exactly alike.” “Often, a liar is not honest about a multitude of things and can’t always keep their stories straight,” says licensed mental health counselor and life coach Dr. If you ask a liar a question and come back to the story of events or questions at a later time, you might get a different answer or an answer that does not add up to their first response.” Someone with an abundance of confidence and no hesitation, no matter what questions you ask, maybe the sign of a liar.We all encounter lots of lies throughout the average day—from the mundane (“I’m almost there”) to the life-changing (“I’m not sleeping with my coworker”).In this era of fake news and alternative facts, the flow of bogus information that we’re exposed to has gone from a trickling stream to a firehose of falsity.

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So it’s more important than ever to be able to discern when we’re being lied to, whether at work, home, or at the poker table.

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