Stat tracker not updating

At least nothing that is (to me) directly connected to torrents.

This site ( says that the site is down as it does with all the other trackers that are 'not working' for me.

I cannot complete the Ubisoft Club action called "Stat Tracker" in Rainbow Six Siege.

Hello folks, I am really desperate now and that's why I decided to register here to ask for help.

The Torrent Information (size/comment/date) is ' Not available' Beneath it says 'retrieving metadata' I read in a topic that one should just let it load and afterwards press OK, but it won't load, no matter how long I keep that window open before pressing ' OK'.

It's not that I kept that window open for more than an hour or so but for a good amout of minutes at least!

We're also working on more, and those updates will all go on the detailed view.

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Using another destiny stat tracker my elo placing is around 200th: Beast The Duck/9But in destiny tracker im placing around 2000: Beast The Duck I know the formula is different but more than a 1000 places?

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