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Widows and divorced women are the most common target due to the fact that they are often lonely and emotionally vulnerable.Some scammers will also target married women, especially ones that appear to be unhappy. Gays and lesbians are also particularly vulnerable, due to the desperation sometimes caused by the smaller available dating pool.The Legislative Director looked at the accounts as we were on the phone and expressed, with concern, how the crimes are “open” for all to see.According to the Legislative Director, the creation of a change in law takes a significant amount of time.In many cases, there is also a second victim of the scam.

has built successful marketing programs around their military customer loyalty program using email, radio commercials and in-store advertising. Once trust has been established, the thief will tell the mark they need money, perhaps to meet them, to help a sick relative, to deal with a work crisis, etc. Seniors are more likely to be targeted than younger individuals. Then they will make contact with several candidates, reaching out to them and pretending to be interested romantically. Many victims are simply too upset and embarrassed to report. alone lost over 0 million, and that is just reported cases.

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