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However, Liam later revealed that the reason for his mysterious behaviour was because he's a murder mystery party enthusiast, much to the amusement of Nicola.

Later on, Liam found himself struggling to forgive Bernice for thinking he was a serial killer, leaving their relationship on the rocks.

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Tonight's scenes saw the situation come to a head, as Bernice (Samantha Giles) became consumed by paranoia that Liam was planning to bump her off.

Following the strange discovery of a bloodied shirt and scalpel in Liam's briefcase, Bernice spotted even more clues which appeared to suggest that he's up to no good.

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You better celebrate because your deep-V diver just scored some treasure. This babe was born in Ghent, New York and was raised on her parents’ fruit farm.

If you grew up watching the Terminator movies then you might recognize this next Fappening victim.

We are talking about the sexy blonde actress, Kristanna Loken’s private leaked pics.

While they haven't officially confirmed the relationship, the pair often support each other with retweets on Twitter, with Shirley describing Daniel as a "very funny handsome man". The couple have also been photographed on nights out Liverpool together. When host Lorraine Kelly asked Shirley if she is seeing anyone, she confessed: "Yes, I have met somebody nice." She also explained that it was her son Mark, also a pro dancer, who helped her find her confidence again and encourage her to go out and date.

MORE: Faye Tozer reveals Strictly stars would go out and celebrate every Saturday Commenting on her statement butterfly shoes, Shirley explained: "My son and his wife bought them for me for Christmas, they represent freedom.

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