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In the car, Daddy makes me drink two bottles of apple juice, and the pressure on my bladder begins to build.We pull up to a cvs about ten minutes away from our house, and Luke helps me out of the car."Well, there's a first time for everything, and personally, I think you look gorgeous without makeup," he states wrapping his arms around my waist."But no ones going to be looking at your face anyways once they notices your special panties," he smirk squeezing the front of my diaper.A few moments later, he returns with a pair of booty shorts and a tank top.

"My, oh my, looks like she really does need them," the cashier exclaims giggling.He sticks his hand down the waistband of my diaper and feels around. We wouldn't want you leaking everywhere like you did earlier," he teased while lifting up my hips before sliding the diaper under me.He makes a few quick snip with scissors on the first diaper before pulling the second diaper between my legs as tight as he could even through the tabs could only go half way due to the thickness of the first diaper underneath.With several tugs, and much to my dismay, he finally pulls them all the way up my legs and buttons them.Next, he lifted off the shirt I was currently wearing and replaced it with a form fitting tank.

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"I know," Luke sighs patting my soaked diaper,"she just can't contain herself.

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