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My lawyer asked me to submit all the I-20s and H1B copies when we applied for 485 .... So he should apply labor by then so that he gets his greencard on Oct 1, 2009 by overnight Fed Ex at 9.00 AM.Again, its interesting that they are looking for status as back as 1998 and not from the last entry ... As KI am born in October - will I have any special consideration :rolleyes: :rolleyes: Hi frnds, I used to work for a company A in california..Henry was Albert, the young son in ‘The Count of Monte Cristo.’ Can you see it? Just wanted to clear that up 😀 pix from Just Jared Taylor and Selena are now both filming in Vancouver(seperate films) and they have spent some time getting to know eachother! Here is what Both 16 and both in Vancouver – Selena Gomez arrived in town last week to begin work on a new movie called Ramona and Beezus. However, the pressure of the media became too much for them, causing them to split up.

Initially it was planning to commence the procedure to publish this proposed rule in November 2008.

This "AC21 letter" thing is something that lawyers have come up with..not necessary, and even if it is, you can do it yourself..you need is an employment verification letter from your new employer.

I'd like to believe that USCIS doesn't act upon such information. He says he got a "response" from USCIS after filing for AC21 stating that the information he sent was now "attached" to his existing application. t=23339Years before, the back log was at Labor Stage, then when PERM Labor came into existance, the back log was at 485 stage, now with non-concurrent filing I think the I 140 will get backlogged.

In the event that the alien is the beneficiary of multiple petitions under sections 203(b)(1), (2), or (3) of the Act, the alien shall be entitled to the earliest priority date. What happens to to her H1 approval, if advanced parole gets approved also. But, today the status on my I-140 got changed to "REQUEST FOR INITIAL EVIDENCE SENT, CASE PLACED ON HOLD". I checked with my company and they assured me that they didn't revoke my I-140.

A petition revoked under sections 204(e) or 205 of the Act will not confer a priority date, nor will any priority date be established as a result of a denied petition. Could anyone suggest me what's happening to my case.

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