Taylor swift alex gaskarth dating

Sadly, Conor and Tay were not reading from the same page.

Conor, a grandson o Robert Kennedy, was by then only 18 years of age and was scheduled to leave for college at the summer end.

However, of late it seems she’s found a regular guy as there are no more juicy stories about who she broke up with.

Everyone remembers the cute fling this couple had back then.

"I developed a system for trying to guess when to make the drive out to shoot, which involved checking the weather forecast, satellite images and webcams multiple times a day," Christen wrote.

A few years ago the internet was always awash with news headlines about Taylor Swift’s dating, break ups and the latest guy she was penning down lyrics about.

Jake reportedly went out of his way to have a chartered private jet fly her on a date out during their fling.

Sadly the movie star ended things between them allegedly over a text and whatever they had became history.

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