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An exception is if your ex was cheating on you or is already dating someone else.In that case, there’s no need to consider their feelings in the matter at all.I’m not saying never date while you are in no contact.As I mention in the video above (scroll back up and watch if you haven’t) I usually suggest waiting for at least one month and then, if you feel that you want to date, do so. But if you feel that you really want to date other people, you might be ready to move on.They hug and kiss passionately as everyone in the airport cheers! We saw the same in Crocodile Dundee where the female lead shouted her love across the subway crowd to Mic Dundee.He, too, was moved to change his mind and stay with her.After you’ve given yourself time after the breakup – a minimum of a month, with most people needing more time – spending time with other people is natural and a positive step for you.

Or that it will make them want to get back together with you? What it will likely do is make your ex see you as a shallow person.There’s an interesting phenomenon that occurs when we watch a film or read a book. “You can do anything you set your mind to.” And confessing your feelings to your ex will cause them to want to get back together with you. To quote Ace Ventura, “Fiction can be fun, but I prefer the reference section.” The movies and TV shows we see are based on scripts that come from people’s imaginations.Our brain can’t tell the difference between what’s real and what’s fake. Unless they are based on a true story, they aren’t real. Sometimes after being broken up with, people think that making their ex jealous is key to getting them back.While your ex feeling jealous is certainly helpful to getting them to want you back, and there are ways to make your ex feel jealous, if your ex is under the impression that you are trying to make them feel jealous, it will only make you look manipulative and weak in their eyes.

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