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In Boston, we sponsored Duncan Mc Cargo’s panel on the Southern Thai conflict.

However, there were only 6 panels that focus on Thailand, Laos, or Cambodia (actually, only Thailand; Cambodia and Laos were almost completely neglected at the 2007 AAS).

How did our membership, activities, and stated goals engage with post-orientalist critiques?

This last topic was particularly appropriate since the International Council of Thai Studies Conference took place at Northern Illinois University immediately following the AAS meeting, and many scholars from Thailand were in attendance at the TLC meeting in Chicago.

The success of this “state of the field” series led us to propose a new initiative to have a four year cycle on ‘Academic Disciplines and TLC Studies.” The first talk in this series was at the AAS meeting in San Francisco. In 2007, the focus was “Anthropology.” The 2007 distinguished speaker was Dr. She offered a highly informative talk on the history of anthropological studies in Cambodia and offered a glimpse at a number of ongoing and future projects.

Since 2006, this listserv has sent over 8,000 messages.

Perhaps our greatest struggle has been to sponsor T/L/C panels at the AAS.

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