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"Uh…girls, I think I may have found out where he is."Suddenly all six gals bolted around to see Ren behind his teammates holding up his own scroll in front of them.It displayed a screen intro to what appeared to be a game show.We'll just ask Jaune's team and see if they have some fun ideas, they are coming with us anyway after all."All three girls nodded in agreement and approached the dorm room leading to team JNPR. " She screeched putting her hands to her chin in a melodramatic manner.! "Most of team RWBY suddenly tensed up and became alert, all except for maybe Weiss, went into 'support friend' mode as Ruby named it."Okay…we'll help you find him, maybe he's off doing some extra credit for Miss Goodwitch again or probably staying for remedial classes with Doctor Oobleck." Ruby offered when Pyrrha came to the doorway looking frazzled with the situation and felt relieved to see team RWBY at the door offering to help."I'm so glad you are all here and offering to help.They were already at the door when Ruby knocked on it several times.' Weiss mulled with a finger to her chin."Ya know, going to the arcade is always a fun idea if we're down for that, but if I I'm honest with myself I'd prefer to go clubbing…and fighting, sometimes the two coincide." Yang offered off handedly earning a groan from both Weiss and Blake."Yeah right, after you trashed that one night club before coming to Beacon I doubt any nightclub would even welcome you. When we awoke this morning we found him missing from his bed.Pyrrha was easily the most invested going by her transfixed gaze at the screen, it seemed as though she was eying it menacingly as well as obsessively.Ren sighed when he felt overcrowded by the girls hovering around him to look at the screen."You know…I think this is a streaming broadcast that we could all look at individually." He said putting emphasis on the 'individually' part.What was said in the title was what really caught their attention."Dating possibilities for Jaune Arc- Live."!Suddenly the attention of all the girls was absolute and they immediately rushed into the dorm room closing the door behind them to fully scope what it was about.

I-I'm in." The Redhead declared bashfully with a reddened face and a determined expression."M-Me too…!

Yang got up and strode over to the dorm room's television and placed her scroll in the docking port letting the projection appear on a larger screen for everyone to view in its entirety."There, now we don't have to hover all over our scrolls.

This feels like it could really be more interesting than any movie.

Aren't you at least a little curious as to what this is about?

It could be a good chance to get to know 'Ladykiller' better and figure out some surefire ways to get him noticing you more romantically." Yang baited with her back turned to everyone so that they wouldn't the wide mischievous grin she had on her face.

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