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She can now use contractions in her speech, which Data is inexplicably unable to do (except when he does).

Although Haftal wants to take Lal away, Data and Picard refuse to allow him.

NOTE: For all sample links that lead to the Administrative Demo, please use the following login: username = demo, password = demo. Sorry, you'll need to recreate and reload all of those pages all over again. If you can't figure out how to manipulate the program then your only other choice is to make the changes to each of the thousands of pages yourself. TNG uses a database to create your pages dynamically, as they're requested.

All database actions have been deactivated, so feel free to try whatever you'd like. That means no huge load of pages to create and upload each time you have a change, and if you want to tweak the look and feel, you do it in one location and it's done for the entire site!

Here she is, brain the size of a planet, and they're asking her to serve drinks.He claims to be unaffected, thanks to his cold, unfeeling robot heart.But as he looks into space, we can tell he feels the loss.When they ask Lal, she wants to stay, and becomes upset when pressed otherwise.Haftal remains insistent and Picard's just threatening to take it all the way to the top when Troi, who was looking after Lal, realises she can sense genuine robo-emotions from the girl.

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