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But loudness (sound expressed as pressure variation) is not the only story.

Could an envelope act as a barrier for bass and a filter for treble? 2/ Frequency of sound Sound is the quickly varying pressure wave travelling through a medium.The table below, taken from the very useful Sengpiel audio webpage provides some tips for getting it right, at least conceptually: A typical opaque façade (not glass) can have a sound reduction index (a reduction of SPL) of around 40 d B.This means that if the SPL measured at the street is 70 d B, inside the façade one would perceive only 30 d B. Now, if the sound reduction index of the façade could be raised from 40 to 43 d B, the perceived noise coming from the street would equal that of reducing the source of noise by half.That's why these questions keep coming to my desk (remember I'm an incurable generalist in the façades world): what effect does glass thickness have in the acoustics of a double glass unit?Or what matters more in the acoustical performance of insulated glass: the thickness in a monolithic pane, the effect of lamination or the dimension of the cavity?

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