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When an application writes back a DOM in serialized form, it can choose at that time to re-encode the presentation data.

Thus, the you can place the serialized document in any encoding.

See Also: "Introduction to the XML Parsing for Java" for a generic introduction to XML parsing with DOM and SAX.

Much of the information in the introduction is language-independent and applies equally to C.

If you do not provide a default, then the application assumes UTF-8 on ASCII platforms and UTF-E on EBCDIC platforms.

The API makes a provision for cases when the encoding data of the input document is corrupt.

In that case, you will need to become familiar with some patterns for interoperating between these XML-handling classes.

With the addition of object initializers you can create a query that even returns objects of your own definition right in the query itself. Empty), new XComment("Xml Document"), new XElement("catalog", new XElement("book", new XAttribute("id", "bk001"), new XElement("title", "Book Title") ) ) ); It depends on the size; for small to mid size xml, a DOM such as Xml Document (any C#/. The Xml Reader Settings objects has a Schemas property that can be used to perform xsd (or dtd) validation.

Both the XML Pull Parser and SAX represent the document as a sequence of events, with start tags, end tags, and comments.

XML Pull Parser gives control to the application by exposing a simple set of APIs and an underlying set of events.

NET classes from an XSD (including built in rules from the XSD). NET has XML Literals, which make dealing with XML much more intuitive.

I think your question is quite broad, and would require too much in a single answer to give details, but this is the first general answer I thought of, and serves as a start. NET 3.5 and you aren't affraid of experimental code you can check out LINQ to XSD ( which will generate .

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You can find the documentation for SAX at the following URL: XML events is a representation of an XML document which is similar to SAX events in that the document is represented as a sequence of events like start tag, end tag, comment, and so on.

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