Update grub not updating menu lst

Ubuntu adopted the new version of the Grub boot manager in version 9.10, getting rid of the old problematic

Today we look at how to change the boot menu options in Grub2.

Conclusion While changing Grub2’s boot menu may seem overly complicated to legacy Grub masters, for normal users, Grub2 means that you won’t have to change the boot menu that often.

If only one operating system is installed on your computer, it may load it automatically without displaying this menu.For more detailed information about how to change entries in Grub2, this Ubuntu forum thread is a great resource.If you’re using an older version of Ubuntu, check out our article on how to clean up Ubuntu grub boot menu after upgrades.Remove Old Kernel Entries The most common clean up task for the boot menu is to remove old kernel versions lying around on your machine.In our case we want to remove the 2.6.32-21-generic boot menu entries.

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Click the Apply button in the toolbar and then Apply in the summary window that pops up. The next time you boot up your computer, the Grub menu will not contain the entries associated with the removed kernel version.

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  1. (Please note that if a new kernel is installed while running the following command, you need to reboot system in order to continue the upgrade process.) If you are running Ubuntu 18.10, then follow the on-screen instruction to upgrade to Ubuntu 19.04.