Updating 3 52 m33 to 3 52 m33 2 windows media player updating media library

3.90 M33 (and 3.90 M33-2) Installer 3.80 M33-5 Installer 3.80 M33 Installer Now, that wee got that out of the way, wee can focus more on the guide. On Slims, you're still restricted like on 3.60 M33, and you can still use the e Loader.

However, if you are the unlucky few who don't have access to these tools, there's still hope.3.60 M33 requires a Pandora Battery, and a modified Magic Stick that has M33 files instead of the 1.50 files. 3.71 M33 for Phat and Slim users (Phats/Slims - C1, "Virgin" Slims - C2) C1. PBP at path Advanced» Advanced Configuration » -Plain modules in UMD/ISO - Plugins designed for games work in UMD or ISOs -Execute BOOT.Dark_Alex is working on 1.50 kernel support on the Slim. Of course, if you don't have access to Network Update, you can download the update, and move the update folder to X:/PSP/GAME, and run it..Also, for Slims, you can run some 1.50 homebrew by booting into the 1.50 firmware using Dark_Alex's Time Machine. Also, when installing new firmwares, you can automatically download the update via Wifi.To do it this method, you will need to have access to a Pandora Battery, and a previous Magic Stick. Make a Pandora Battery and Despertar Cementerio v4 to install 3.80 M33-5. Homebrew gets complicated in the newer M33 firmwares.You will have to install it in the same way as you would with DCv3. On 3.52 M33, any homebrew specifically made for the 3or 1.50 kernels will load as long as you change the game folder (in recovery) between 3.52 kernel, and 1.50 kernel. That means homebrew made specifically for the 3kernel will work.

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