Updating a pivot table

Fewer groups allow you to simplify your analysis and focus on the (grouped) Items that matter the most.As explained by Excel guru John Walkenbach in the This Pivot Table Tutorial explains all the details you need to know to group and ungroup data in a Pivot Table.Generally, you can automatically group Items in a Pivot Table in the following 6 easy steps: The process above works through a contextual menu.You can also automatically group Items by using commands in the Ribbon or keyboard shortcuts.

No information from the Date Field is displayed because the Field isn't yet in any Area.

If you automatically group Fields with time grouping, Excel assigns default names and labels to the newly created Fields and groups.

I explain how you can modify either of these in a separate section below.

The resulting Pivot Table report (below) is the same as that which I show above.

In other words, Excel automatically: If you're working with version of Excel prior to 2016, you won't have access to the time grouping feature I explain in the previous section.

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