Updating achtung panzer operation star

* Bf109E variants changed to Bebro/Phcas´s * FW190-F icon improved. * Scenario 02: Naval / Ground / Air units adjusted (aux).

* U-Boat Type IIB: icon contrast slightly improved. * Over 1300 new units (including brand new ones and camos)* Soviet Campaign featuring 38 scenarios from 1941 to 1945* Eastern Front Scenario covering the entire war from the Soviet side* New UI* New sounds* B/W Big units photos* New Library* Improved briefings* New music * Library updated* Some Library text corrected.* Many big unit pictures fixed (corrections and missing ones, many thanks to Estherr).* 76.2mm M1939: icon changed (to 1936 model) in order to avoid confusion with the M1942.* U-Boat Type IIB: icon contrast slightly improved.* U-Boat Type XXI: icon contrast slightly improved.* U-Boat Type XXIII: icon contrast slightly improved. Soviet Union * T-26 Model 1933 * T-26 Model 1939 * T-26 Model 1939E * T-60 Model 1942 * KV-1/1941 Ekranami * Tetrarch Light Tank (lend-lease) * SU-85M * ISU-122S * 152mm M1943 * BA-11 * BA-64AT * 122mm M1910/30 * Ya-12 * T-20 Komsomolets * SU-57 (lend lease) * Mi G-1 * Yakovlev Yak-9M * Petlyakov Pe-3Bis * Petlyakov Pe-2R * Arkhangelsky Ar-2 * Ilyushin DB-3B * Ilyushin DB-3T * Ilyushin Il-4T * Tupolev TB-3 Zveno added (special) * Polikarpov I-16 Zveno added (special) * B-25B Mitchell (lend-lease) * Type G-5 Torpedo Boat * Type D-3 Torpedo Boat * Cruiser Komitern * Svetlana-Class Cruiser Germany * Luftwaffe Infantry 42 * Luftwaffe Infantry 44 * Panzer 38(t)A * Panzer 38(t)F * Panzer 38(t)G * Panther D1 * Panther D2 * Pz Kpfw 17R 730(f) * Pz Kpfw 18R 730(f) * 12.8 cm Pak44 * Jagd Pz IV/70(A) * Panzer IIJ (recon) * Ju 88 D-1 (recon) * 10.5 cm K18 * 10.5 cm Le FH 16 Mk. * Many grammar corrections through all the texts in the campaign. VI(e) * 12 cm Gr W 42 * 24 cm K3 * Ar 196A * Hs-126 * Fi-156 Storch * Hs-123 * Sdkfz 250/8 * Sdkfz 250/9 * Sd Kfz 9 * Sd Kfz 11 * Citroen 23RU 2T (non purchasable) * Renault AHN (non purchasable) * Minor Axis Nation added: Independent State of Croatia. * All specialized naval bombers now cannot attack ground units. Soviet 122mm Artillery Series * Familiy upgrade separated from the 76mm series. * Field Fortification: Now can switch back to "transit mode".

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* Soobrazitelny-Class Destroyer unit icon reworked * MO-40 icon reworked.

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