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Generally speaking, motherboard manufacturers try to release BIOS/UEFIs that are stable and have all the features you’ll ever need for the motherboard on day one however, this rarely happens as bugs get discovered or new features need to be added to support newer hardware released after the motherboard.

As a result, motherboard BIOSes need to be flashed, or updated, once in a while for improved functionality and while the process was quite difficult and even dangerous in the past, motherboard makers have made the process a lot easier with plenty of checks to ensure that the risk of something going wrong is minimal.

Before we begin, a quick disclaimer as a bad update on the UEFI BIOS of a motherboard does come with the risk of bricking the motherboard if the process is done incorrectly.

CPCR does not take any responsibility for bricked motherboards as a result of this.

Highly recommend backing up the current BIOS by hitting the B key, name it something like 0210. Tom, In AI Suite II, click on the update button, then ASUS update. It will ask you how you want to update the bios, and you can select "from the Internet", download the BIOS or whatever.

I suppose the most direct and easiest way is just to update from the Internet.

The wiki How Tech Team also followed the article's instructions and validated that they work. This wiki How teaches you how to update an ASUS computer's motherboard software.

wiki How's Content Management Team carefully monitors the work from our editorial staff to ensure that each article meets our high standards.The most updated version of your Motherboard board’s BIOS is found from the USB device manufacturer’s site.Flashing firmware is a sort-of haphazard procedure that often caused in bricked motherboards.Remember that modern board manufacturers also permit BIOS flashing over wireless or Ethernet connection, via USB is the safest and easiest method.After performing the step to step methods Asus Bios Update, Asus Motherboard Bios Update, Asus Bios Update Windows 10, Asus Z170 a Bios Update, Asus Laptop Bios Update, Asus Z77 Bios Update, hopefully, your purpose is served.

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