Updating firefox in ubuntu

If the Linux distribution you are using is Hat based (Fedora 21 and below, or Cent OS) then your default dependency resolver for the underlying package manager is YUM.

Yum syntax is very simple and apt users shouldn’t face any problem using it.

To install Firefox using yum, you can type the following command in the terminal: This command will install Firefox 52.7.2.

If you want to install latest version of Firefox, you need to do it manually as described in apt section above.

- this is the equivalent of a Nightly build of Firefox.

Although these packages will work well most of the time, you should expect crashes and other problems.

Visit Stack Exchange About Firefox but on when I visit few sites a pop-up appears at top of the browser window that asks me to update my current browser since it has become outdated.Depending on type of Linux distribution we use the process of installation Firefox in Linux is different: If you are using Debian based system (Ubuntu 16.04 and Ubuntu 18.04), you need to use apt to install packages.Firefox isn’t an exception and to install it from scratch you need to type the following command in your terminal: This will install the latest version of Firefox.To remove Firefox which was installed via yum type: This will install latest stable version of Firefox, which was 59.0.2 at the time of writing this article.The process of installing specific version of Firefox is the same as in other distributions mentioned above.

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