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Drauger OS is a relatively new Linux distro for users with a penchant for games.

Several design elements make this Linux gaming platform different from typical distributions that merely pack digital titles.

While both focus on the protection of digital assets, they come at it from two different angles.

Digital forensics deals with the aftermath of the incident in an investigatory role, whereas, cybersecurity is more focused on the prevention and detection of attacks.

I was auditing an IBM corporate site when the rules were three-piece suit, white shirt and tie.

Businesses existed before there were computers, fax machines, telephones and copiers, but few entrepreneurs these days would want to try to grow a company without the advantages modern information technology can bring.

However, it lacks a few productivity tools that otherwise would make it a daily computing driver out of the box.

This is a distro targeting game players who want good desktop performance.

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Consumers could suffer from sticker shock when it comes time to buy a 5G-enabled phone, suggests a new report from IHS Markit, based on a poll conducted in the U. Although consumers expect to pay more money for 5G smartphones, the prices may exceed their expectations dramatically, with some devices selling for as much as 29 times more than what the average buyer might anticipate.

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