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If you’re looking for the old tool though, you can still find it under Edit Fill, then selecting Content-Aware from the drop-down menu in the pop-up.

Know that the previous version of the tool leaves out several features, and if Photoshop doesn’t automatically get it right, you’re stuck with it unless you undo.

Note, however, that this tool only works for a horizontal flip.

To make it less time-consuming for users, Adobe is relying more on artificial intelligence — making the task of removing an object more like a magician’s vanishing act. and good old-fashioned human intelligence, allowing you to fix the software’s goofs.The default settings work pretty well, but if the colors aren’t making a smooth transition you can adjust that via the Color Adaptation drop-down option.Sometimes, you want to remove an object but don’t have an exact reference point in the image — it’s not the right size, flipped the wrong way, or tilted the wrong way.Once the Content-Aware Fill window opens, you’ll see your photo with some green on parts of the image. Make sure the “Show Sampling Area” option is checked.) The green area indicates the reference area, or what you want Photoshop to sample from, to fill in the gaps where an object was removed.Photoshop will use whatever pixels reside in that green reference area.

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