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By describing the ways in which learner language conforms to universal linguistic norms, interlanguage research has contributed greatly to our understanding of linguistic universals in second-language acquisition.

Before the interlanguage hypothesis rose to prominence, the principal theory of second-language (L2) development was contrastive analysis.

The learner is still trying to figure out what rules govern the use of alternate forms.Variability is observed when comparing the utterances of the learner in conversation to form-focused tasks, such as memory-based oral drills in a classroom.Spontaneous conversation is more likely to involve the use of interlanguage. 'I don't') in one context and a non-target like variant (e.g. Scholars from different traditions have taken opposing views on the importance of this phenomenon.They may say "Last year we travel to the ocean" rather than "Last year we travelled to the ocean." They also tend to make more mistakes when the word following a tensed word begins with a consonant (e.g., burned bacon).But they will show higher accuracy when the word following the tensed word begins with a nonconsonant (e.g., burned eggs).

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