Vista network icon not updating

Restart your computer, and if the solution worked, you will see all of your missing system icons back where they belong once your computer boots up.var Current Translation = {"smart support":"Smart Support","moto support":"Moto Support","search smart support":"Search Smart Support","search moto support":"Search Moto Support","search data center support":"Search Data Center Support","pc supports":"PC Support","data center supports":"Data Center Support","mobile supports":"Mobile Support","all supports":"All Support","search lenovo support":"Search Lenovo Support","search pc support":"Search PC Support","search mobile support":"Search Mobile Support","caps browsebyproduct":"Browse by product","caps findproduct":"Help me find my product","caps productsupport":"Product Support","caps selectproduct":"or select a product below","capssn search title short":"Enter serial number","or":"or","detect error":"Detect failed","capssn search title":"Enter a serial number to detect your product","user cancelled":"User cancelled","enter serial number":"Enter serial number","detect serial number":"Detect Serial Number","this serial number is for a":"This serial number is for a","would you like to go to this sub product instead":"Would you like to go to this product","yes":"Yes","no try again":"No","caps this serial number is for a":"This serial number is for a","caps would you like to go to this sub product instead":"Would you like to go to this product?Device Manager is NOT a list of installed devices, it's a list of installed protected-mode device drivers.This means that while certain devices may be installed correctly, it will not appear in this list unless Windows has the drivers necessary to recognize it.Users affected by this issue sometimes experience temporary relief when they restart their computers and find that the missing system icons have returned to their rightful places, but this relief is mostly temporary as one or more system icons go missing again after some time.Thankfully, this problem is just as permanently fixable as it is troublesome, and the following are some of the most effective solutions that can be used to resolve it: The most effective and most popular solution to this problem is restoring the missing system icons by performing a few tweaks in an affected user’s computer’s registry through a built-in Windows utility known as the Registry Editor.In Device Manager, devices are sorted by type, that is, the various “categories” of hardware that are installed.In this document, Network Adapters will be used as an example of a device one might need to troubleshoot using Device Manager.

Click on and select a System Restore Point that was created before you started suffering from this problem. Once the System Restore has been performed successfully, click on Finish.In our example, there are three devices, one of which is the Intel(R) Network Connection.This is the network card, which can have many different names depending on the computer, but usually contains Ethernet or Network in its description.That being the case, the system icons that the Notification Area accommodates are extremely important to the everyday computer use of the average person.However, these system icons – especially the Volume and Network icons – have a tendency to go missing from their places in the Notification Area/System Tray.

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Often when something is installed, but is not working in a computer, the problem can be traced back to incorrectly installed device drivers.

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