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Video conferencing service Zoom left millions of users exposed to a security flaw that could allow attackers easy access to its users laptop cameras and microphones.The vulnerability, which allows attackers to initiate a video-enabled call on a Mac without user consent, was first reported by software engineer Jonathan Leitschuh yesterday.Once the embed loads on the website, the Zoom app will launch and, depending on the settings of the user, give an attacker and any other participants in that meeting immediate access to the victim’s camera and microphone — without requiring a single click from the victim.“Per their own statement, Zoom made a set of product decisions that intentionally prioritized use of their system over user choice,” security consultant Eleanor Saitta told Buzz Feed News.“Zoom clearly had not considered malicious uses — or, worse, had disregarded them — when they decided to remove this choice from the user, and appear to consider Zoom use, and presumably their revenue growth, more important than surveillance of users,” Saitta added.

Apple did not provide comment by the time of publication.

On July 10, Apple released a silent update for Macs protecting users from the vulnerability, according to Tech Crunch.

Here’s how the vulnerability could be exploited on Mac.

Leitschuh reported the vulnerability to Zoom in March.

The company responded by releasing a fix for an unrelated flaw that would allow a hacker to trigger an endless loop of meeting requests. In a blog post updated Tuesday afternoon, Zoom said it will release a patch for the vulnerability by July 11.

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