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I feel this is a fair exchange, similar to any in a shop transaction..." From Rgine Debatty's Interview with Christine Hill, we-make-money-not art.

Posted by jo at PM | Comments (0) Between June 25-28, Media Forum, Moscow in collaboration with the Moscow International Film Festival, presented Nudity/Game console - a series of events including a Vito Accoinci retrospective, round table discussions and a video art competition. The ERA Foundation hosted the Media Forum events in their centrally located, elegantly renovated gallery space.

Projects of mine require participation of various levels by viewers.

How much they can access has in part to do with how they approach me as the representative of any given work.

The constructive, practical value of this information and knowledge platform was very much appreciated by the audience as attested by the numerous questions and comments.

On June 27, Anne Nigten of V2 lectured on "Research and development in the interdisciplinary field from an art perspective" followed by Dmitry Bulatov on "The third modern - denuding the media.

In this report I would like to focus on the round table discussions - especially as the majority of the presenters happened to be women working with research & practice in digital fields/communities.

It is a part of my own personality, not something that is assumed, but it is also specific to certain projects that contain an extroverted element.Lack of clarification of this issue leads to numerous misconceptions and miscommunication.Case histories of media art were presented including "I am a robot" by Boryana Dragoeva Rossa (Bulgaria) and "Reality Resonance" by Erika Katalina Pasztor (Hungary), followed by the outstanding Russian performance artist Elena Kovylina, showing her "Pick a Girl" video performance featured at the Sydney Biennale 2006.The technobiological art work." Last but not least Margarete Jahrman showed us "Pong Dress" and Ludic Society.All of these presentations were very well received with lively Q&A periods.

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