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Just remember to have a big smile on your face and come off in a non threatening way.

Taikoo is a very upscale mall where you might be able to meet some ‘hiso’ girls in this location.

There are plenty of other good places though like Beijing Road, Guangzhou Commercial Pedestrian Street, Mouse Street, and the mall under the CTF Finance Tower.

When women in Guangzhao are out in bars or clubs drinking they will be not so conservative and will even be open to the fact they want to practice their English and you are a prime candidate for this.

But I know a lot of guys are too afraid or shy to be seen with a ladyboy hooker in Bangkok, Pattaya or anywhere else in Thailand.

If that’s you, read on how you can avoid those judging eyes, you nasty, nasty freak!

Many Guangzhou girls have a strong interest in foreigners but most are really shy to try and chat with you in public.

Want to know how to set up a 2 guy 1 girl threesome in Bangkok?

Well grab a good buddy, some paper and pen for note taking and let Rob and Roy show you how.

Make sure you read it through, lest make the same mistakes as these two lovable friendly idiots.

Meeting girls in the nightlife areas will be a lot easier.

They will likely be drunk which always helps us out, plus if they are in bars and drinking it up in the discos and clubs it isn’t always as much about socializing but rather hooking a boyfriend, future husband or foreign partner for a night or two.

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