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It’s remarkably similar to Ricky Gervais’s miserable special from last year, straight down to a “well, what if I identify as this” transphobic joke; instead of Gervais’s chimpanzee, though, Chappelle whips out an Asian stereotype worthy of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, adding just that extra little jolt of racism that nobody anywhere asked for.

Somehow he’s incapable of understanding the difference between criticism and censorship.

Just because the comedian hasn't put anything out on Netflix or anywhere else since a year and a half ago doesn't mean that he hasn't been doing anything new., and the likelihood that it's Chappelle's way of signaling to fans and critics alike what's been on his mind for the past year and a half.

Per the special's official logline, it will be an "unflinching and boundary-pushing" hour of comedy in which Chappelle "gives his provocative perspective on the tidal wave of celebrity scandals, the opioid crisis, and more — in trademarked Chappelle fashion."All of this is no doubt true, but there's also the fact that the comedian himself has often taken flack for some of his comments, intended to be funny or not, about various topics.

The streaming giant dropped the new hour's first teaser trailer without warning on Thursday, complete with a tongue-in-cheek narration provided by actor Morgan Freeman., Netflix is banking on Chappelle's undeniable popularity and forgoing the need for any kind of major advertising roll out.

After all, the special's August 26th premiere date is just a week and a half away, and while the streamer will most likely drop one or two short clips between now and then, they don't have to. Besides, even with Chappelle's absence from Netflix since his massive slate of releases in 2017, he's been keeping busy with a brief joint tour featuring fellow comic and friend Jon Stewart, a short stint on Broadway and a forthcoming Mark Twain Prize in October.

I don’t know how the richest and most successful comedians became the most entitled people alive, but it’s not a good look.

It’s the kind of hypocrisy that you would hope a comedian like Chappelle would call out and rip apart, but instead it’s become a defining part of his brand.

This is in a special he’s being paid eight figures for and that’s getting the full promotional push of the biggest outlet in the world today. K.dying in a “masturbation accident” and acting like his friend’s career is over, despite fellow millionaire C. regularly getting booked in clubs within months of that scandal breaking.Chappelle’s special is terrible not because audiences have changed, but because Chappelle himself is so thoroughly out of touch with today. The only stuff that works here is the one section where Chappelle drops the contempt and actually talks about life outside of comedy.It comes at the very end of the special, when he discusses his own personal experiences growing up poor and his dad’s attempts to save money. He's always pitched himself as the consummate outsider., that's set to debut globally on Monday, August 26th.

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Comedy’s so big right now that superstars like Chappelle and Jerry Seinfeldare being paid more for stand-up specials than anybody ever could’ve imagined.

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