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Some use sexual tactics to ramp up their competition for men.

They dress more provocatively, send more sexually explicit texts, consent to sex sooner, and hope that things turn into something more than a brief encounter.

The depletion of educated men worsens when we add the impacts of age and divorce to the mating matrix.

As men age, they desire women who are increasingly younger than they are.

Additional elements of the mating mind exacerbate it.

A key cause stems from the qualities women seek in committed mateships.

As successful women overcome barriers in the workplace, they encounter new dilemmas in the mating market.We must look deeply into our mating psychology to understand the far-reaching consequences of the sex ratio imbalance.Women and men both have evolved multiple mating strategies; some of each gender pursue casual hook-ups, some committed partnerships.Some alternate at different times of their lives, and some do both simultaneously.And although a few social scientists deny the data, research overwhelmingly shows that men harbor, on average, a greater desire for sexual partner variety.

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