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Chang Victor Hon as Ghost Father Clifton Ko as Chan Dai-Man Loletta Lee as Jane Bill Tung as Bill Chang Wai Wai Fan Wei Yee as Ho Manfred Wong as Bespectacled Exorcist Cheuk Yan Chan as Yan-Yan Simon Yip as Student Driver The cast of Tao yan gui - 1980 includes: Po Chang Chun Chieh Liu Chung Chien Shih Chin as (Guest star) Ching Feng Chiang Ching Hsien Mao Yen Hsiung Bi Hui Fu Kuo Sheng Ting Feng Shih Shu Tao Chien Tsao Sun Wang Sabrina Ho has: Performed in "Gwai ma hau yuen" in 1986. Played Happy Girl in "Kai xin gui zhuang gui" in 1986. More modern (and mobile) devices also utilize a touch screen.However, as stated in previous sections, it is also possible to navigate a GUI using a keyboard. Nearly all GUI interfaces, including Microsoft Windows, have options for navigating the interface with a keyboard only.After Wallace Huo and Hu Ge’s 5-year promise sprouted a new romance in the former’s life, I’m not surprised Promises of Wedding Bells is playing out in more ways than one.

it is known gui gui and aaron gets on really well and sometimes goes out together but nothing is said on who likes who. aaron yan use to like rainie yang but hat was around 2006 or 2005?!Although a GUI operating system is primarily navigated using a mouse, a keyboard can also be used via keyboard shortcuts or the arrow keys.As an example, if you wanted to open a program on a GUI system, you would move the mouse pointer to the program's icon and double-click it.However, they are really good friends and keep in touch all the time through Weibo (Chinese version of Twitter).Many fans want Gui Gui and Aaron Yan to be together.

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