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Mary praises Witney, telling her she was remarkable and both Nigel and Mary were impressed that this piece and the original were danced by ballroom dancers.Another video of wedding proposal is also posted in the channel.For example, in Week 2, the first week of the competition to feature eliminations in this case a double eliminationthe judges decided which two of the six dancers in danger they wished to save without asking for additional solos. After some deliberation, the judges decided to save him and his partner Witney.As we all know, Frankie is an actor, writer, musician, and race car driver.The pair received the first standing ovation of the night from the judges. Shortly after being promoted to a professional dancer, Witney was diagnosed with Melanoma.

Carson Mcallister is an American and belongs to white ethnicity.The Top 35 came from across the country, each with their own unique story, to Hollywood in order to learn their final fates dun dun dun!For more details about your favorite dancer Carson, she can follow on her Twitter account.Lindsay Arnold — Ultimately, this really was the weakest of the first five routines on the night, and this is even with the legendary Alex Wong at the helm.The ninth season is also the first in which dancers have been able to exert some control over the styles they dance for their duets; Lythgoe revealed during the week 3 performances that during this season couples are given the ability to pick their styles from the pool of available routines for a given week, with the order of choosing determined by drawing lots.

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