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It may be the case that physical appearance is less important to some people, and that those people choose to wait to cultivate a romantic relationship until they know someone well.On the other hand, it is also possible that physical appearance is important to all people, but that the perception of physical appearance is changed over time by idiosyncratic characteristics (e.g., a devilish charm makes a man more attractive).If you are hoping to couple with a partner who is objectively more attractive than you, consider doing things together in contexts that allow you to get to know your love interest over time.Had Beast met Belle in a bar, chances are there would have been no fairy tale ending.While assortative mating is a robust finding, scientists disagree about why it occurs.One popular theory argues a market-based explanation: Individuals compete for the most desirable mates, and those who are themselves very desirable are the most successful in this competition.

Couples who were matched in physical attractiveness were no more or less likely to be satisfied with their relationships than “mismatched” couples.

Independent coders later viewed the video tapes and rated the physical attractiveness of each partner.

These evaluations were made for both members of a couple at the same time (joint assessments) and for each individual in a couple separately (separate assessments), just to be sure that the attractiveness of one member of a couple did not influence the rating of the partner.

Over time, however, as Beauty gets to know the Beast, she uncovers his warm nature and her heart softens.

Ultimately, the story delivers on its fairy tale ending and Beauty falls in love with Beast despite his appearance. Although attractive people do tend to select other attractive people in many romantic relationships, new research by Lucy Hunt, Paul Eastwick, and Eli Finkel indicates that there are predictable exceptions.

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